SISU Mouth Guards Max 2.4mm Custom Fit Sports Mouthguard Review

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Quick Overview





  • Thin and compact design
  • 1-year dental protection
  • Diffusix technology
  • Great fit, comfort


  • May feel a bit tight
  • Pricey for some

Regular exercise is a must for both kids and adults. Working out a few times a week will allow you to pick up on an array of benefits relating to your physical and mental health. With hundreds of different sports to engage in, it is up to you to decide which you enjoy the most.

While some sports require no equipment at all (other than a ball), for others you will have to spend a bit more to get the gear you need. If you are playing any sport that may involve punches to the jaw area, there is one product you will need to invest in — a mouthguard.

A few decades ago, only professional fighters used mouthguards. But today, you can see baseball, basketball, and hockey players wearing mouthguards too, as the ultimate dental and jaw protection. And it is true – unless you want to end up with an expensive dentist bill, you should get one. Our recommendation is the SISU Max NextGen Mouth Guards, fit for both kids and adults.

SISU Mouth Guards Max 2.4mm Custom Fit Sports Mouthguard

The SISU brand has quite a history of developing equipment for dental and joint protection. They have included four different types in the NextGen series including AERO, MAX, JUNIOR, and the GO mouthguards. Out of all these, it is the MAX model that is suitable for both kids and adults, and adequate for any kind of high impact sport, including MMA, boxing, hockey, basketball, and baseball.

It offers proper shock absorption and fortified protection while remaining think and allowing you to speak, breathe, and drink without taking it out. Coming in a variety of colors with the charcoal black being the most popular one, it is a product that you shouldn’t miss.

Who is this product for?

It is for kids and adults who enjoy spending their time playing high-impact sports. While the primary purpose of a mouthguard is to protect professionals in martial arts, it is now present in a variety of other sports including basketball, hockey, and baseball.

Whether you are a professional or you just enjoy some high-intensity fun now and then, a mouthguard is an essential you need to invest in. The SISU Max is reliable and comes with a one-year dental protection guarantee, meaning it is affordable for those with a tighter budget as well.

What’s included?

It doesn’t include any fancy accessories. In fact, what you are getting is one SISU Max mouthguard and a protective case in which you can store it away. Still, given the quality of this product, this offer holds great value.

Overview of features

We always like to emphasize the importance of the brand that stands behind a certain product. Thus, SISU is a great guarantee that you will not go wrong by investing in the NextGEn mouthguards as these are just one of the best in the series of high-quality products they come out with.

Upgraded from the original model, this one comes with a $35,000 one-year dental protection guarantee, which is something most companies don’t offer. The product is offered in a number of colors including charcoal black, snow white, electric blue, and intense red. It is highlighted by crumple zones that improve shock absorption as well as a fortified perforation pattern that ensures more comfort and a better fit.

While the guard is only 2.4 mm thick, which is significantly less than some of its competitors, it still offers great protection. Additionally, due to the thin design, you can breathe, drink, and talk without taking the mouthguard out. It is the Diffusix technology that ensures the highest quality of this product.

Featuring a wider bite pad and more comfortable edges, there is a clear difference between the original and NextGen mouthguard, although both are manufactured by the same brand. Still, this product is not the best at keeping its form, as it seems to shrink quite a bit when cooling down, making inserting kind of uncomfortable.

Apart from the fact that this mouthguard is a bit tight for some, it is still a good buy, and given the great dental protection, it is worth your money.

How to use it

Similar to any other bite and built mouthguard, you will be able to mold and ensure a custom fit. What you need is a pot with boiling water, and an ice bucket to cool it down.

Let it sit in boiling water for a bit more than a minute, then allow it to cool down for 90 seconds. Insert it in your mouth and mold it pressing the center and edges. Once you have ensured a perfect fit, let it cool down in a bucket of ice water.


OPRO Power-Fit Mouthguard

If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the SISU product, this one can serve as a great alternative. Coming at a similar price, it offers dual-layer protection, great custom fit, and not to forget an 18-month dental warranty. Overall, a superb choice for any true professional.


Whether you are a professional or you enjoy high-impact sports solely for recreation, you will need a proper mouthguard. The SISU Mouth Guards Max 2.4mm Custom Fit Sports Mouthguard is a reliable and durable product, and while it comes at a somewhat higher price, its innovative features make up for this.

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