Redline Sportswear Custom Molded Mouthguard Review

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Quick Overview





  • Good shock absorption
  • Protective case
  • Great fit
  • Affordable


  • Not as comfortable
  • Not as sturdy

If you have ever played basketball or hockey, then you will know that these are not low-intensity sports and that in a matter of seconds you can end up with some kind of injury. Thus, investing in proper protection to prevent injuries is something you have to do.

Apart from basketball, hockey, rugby, and baseball, we can safely say that the martial arts require protective equipment unless you want to end up with a few missing teeth or bruised gums.

Whether you enjoy boxing, MMA, or karate in your free time, a mouthguard is an essential item that you just can’t miss. It will ensure that your teeth stay in place and that even if you receive a punch in the face, the shock will be spread to more solid parts of your jaw.

Given the high demand, there is no doubt why there are hundreds of different models offered on the various markets. Still, if you are just starting out and you don’t want to miss out on the protection, the Redline Sportswear Mouthguard is a superb choice.

Redline Sportswear Custom Molded Mouthguard

While not as expensive as OPRO or SISU products, the Redline brand is still very trusted when it comes to jaw and teeth protection. This company has been among the top 3 brands for more than a few years now, offering affordable and reliable mouthguards suitable for both youths and adults. This model comes in a variety of colors, with the blue-black, red-black, and the white-black being the most popular.

Made out of safe materials, and featuring comfort and a proper design that fits well, it is a product that will withstand heavier use, while ensuring great shock absorption. There is no doubt why the Redline Sportswear Mouthguard is a favorite.

Who is this product for?

This product can be used by both youths and adults who enjoy high-impact sports including MMA, boxing, hockey, rugby, and basketball. While it doesn’t feature dual-layer protection, it can still be used for competitions, remaining the perfect product if you are not in it for a professional purpose. Anyone who has true aspirations for engaging and having fun with some of the above-mentioned sports should have at least one mouthguard, ensuring optimal dental and jaw protection.

What’s included?

Much like with other mouthguard offers, you are not getting anything else apart from the product itself, and a protective case that will ensure the optimal condition of the mouthguard. The case is durable and comes with a carabiner so you can attach it to your sports bag and always have it with you wherever you go.

Overview of features

As we mentioned above, the Redline brand is very well-trusted when it comes to protective equipment, and they have quite an experience with designing reliable mouthguards. This one is made of durable materials, excluding PVC, BPA, and latex, thus protecting both your health and your mouth.

It features a high-density gel that is perfect for dispersing the shock around your strong jaw area. It comes with a custom fit, and while there is only one size included, it can be molded to fit the needs of both a child and an adult.

Coming in a number of different colors, and with a compact design, it will look great in your mouth and, apart from protecting your teeth and jaw, you will be able to talk and drink without taking it out. On top of all that, it also includes a satisfaction guarantee so in case anything is wrong, you can return it and get a full refund.

Still, it is not as sturdy or comfortable as some other mouthguards are. On the other hand, it is extremely affordable, making it the perfect choice for a beginner.

How to use it

In order to mold and adjust it according to your custom mouth and teeth shape, you will need some boiling water, ice, and the mouthguard itself. Place it in the boiling water for around a minute. Remove it and let it cool for around a minute. Once it has cooled down, mold the mouthguard by inserting it in your mouth and pressing the edges and center against your teeth. Let it cool down and you are ready to rumble.


Amizu Sports Mouth Guard

If you are looking for a reliable mouthguard, but for some reason, you are not a fan of the Redline Sportswear offering, this is a great choice suitable for both professionals and those who play sports for recreational purposes. With a dual-layer gel design and a great satisfaction guarantee, it is an offer worth your attention.


A proper mouthguard will ensure that you keep your beautiful white teeth firmly in your mouth, and not end up with a fractured jaw. The Redline Sportswear Custom Molded Mouthguard is an affordable product, that is perfect for beginners and those who engage in high-intensity sports as a hobby.

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