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SISU Mouth Guards Max 2.4mm Custom Fit Sports Mouthguard Review

While some sports require no equipment at all (other than a ball), for others you will have to spend a bit more to get the gear you need. If you are playing any sport that may involve punches to the jaw area, there is one product you will need to invest in — a mouthguard. A few decades ago, only professional fighters used mouthguards. But today, you can see baseball, basketball, and hockey players wearing mouthguards too, as the ultimate dental and jaw protection. And it is true – unless you want to end up with an expensive dentist bill, you should get one. Our recommendation is the SISU Max NextGen Mouth Guards, fit for both kids and adults.

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Redline Sportswear Custom Molded Mouthguard Review

Whether you enjoy boxing, MMA, or karate in your free time, a mouthguard is an essential item that you just can’t miss. It will ensure that your teeth stay in place and that even if you receive a punch in the face, the shock will be spread to more solid parts of your jaw. Given the high demand, there is no doubt why there are hundreds of different models offered on the various markets. Still, if you are just starting out and you don’t want to miss out on the protection, the Redline Sportswear Mouthguard is a superb choice.

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